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I`m a little late with this post but finaly here it is.
A recent find at the local flea market was this Citizen movt 3531A - originaly I intended to flip it but as I took a look under the hood, I changed my mind in less than a split second.
So, here is the Citizen, or what I would call a "complete sport package" !

This watch features an 1/50 sec chrono, 59 min 59 sec timer and a 12 hour alarm, which, if left ON, will go off twice a day, 3 subdials are used for the Chrono feature and the one at 2 o`clock is also used for the timer/countdown feature.

It features 3 push buttons ( 2 o`clock, 8 o`clock and 10 o`clock), an ON/OFF button for the alarm at 3 o`clock and a time/alarm time setting crown at 4 o`clock. Does it sound a lot? Well, they could have put a button at 9 o`clock as well ...
The case is pristine, no scratches, no dings, no marks. The cristal the same, no sratches. The original SS bracelet has a double locking clasp with "CITIZEN" on it and the split arrow simbol - Promaster series. It also has a hiden extension inside the clasp that allows the bracelet to be extended by about 1 inch.

The watch has a black dial, with honey comb design but that I couldn`t show on any pictures. The 3 subdials have a circular pattern therefore the light catches on it easily

In the Chrono mode, the 2 o`clock subdial indicates the 1/50 sec for 3 minutes and after that it stops but the chrono feature keeps going indicating the seconds with the center second hand. The 6 o`clock subdial is a minutes totalizer and 10 o`clock subdial is a 12 hours totalizer for the chrono feature. One nice thing about the features this watch has is that any push of any button is followed by a confirmation "beep-beep" sound. Also, the chrono push buttons, actualy have a "feed-back" just like you would use a mecanical watch chrono. Pushing the button, you can actualy feel that there is a lever that clicks followed by the "beep-beep" sound. I found that very cool!
The alarm is set by using the crown - pulling the crow out to the 1st click the hands will start moving quickly to the time the alarm was previously set. When reaching the time, the hands stop followed by a double beep sound. Turning the crown one way or the other, will move the hands back or forth to the desired time. Before you push the crown back, the button at 3 o`clock has to be pulled out - now the alarm is ON. The crown can be pushed back. Once the crown is pushed back, the hands start to race back to their position... and boy, do they ever spin! Once the correct time is reached and the hands stop, there is a double beep letting you know that the watch is indicating the correct time. In the time mode, the hour hand jumps every 20 seconds. When you wanna set the correct time and pull out the crown all the way, the second hand goes to 12 o`clock and the minute hand jumps to the next minute.
The case back, shows some sratches that are consistent with the case back being opend at some point - probably battery change. But most of the sratches are on the edge as prbably thr case back opener slipped.

What I found interesting is that under the 6 o`clock mark, on the dial, there is the caliber number: "3530" however, on the case back it shows "3531"

So, I went ahead to open the watch - I wasn`t expecting anything special ....

But that changed when I saw the movement...

Now for those of you who are curious, YES - I have a closer look at the jewel count.

UN-FREAK!NG-BELIVABLE !!!! 12 jewels! Sorry, but I`m still excited about it! When I got my 7548 with 5 jewels it was "COOL" ... then I got the H357 with 7 jewels it was a "WOW" and now this ... 12 jewels! I think now its "HOLLY SH!T" ....

Resized the bracelet, cleaned it up a bit and now its mine!

I hope this long post didn`t put anybody to sleep, therefore........
........ Thanks for watching !
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