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Citizen 1300m professional vintage diver auction

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Hey folks,

i found this on Ebay Germany. Normally I wouldn't post watch auctions, but since this is a very very rare watch I thought I'd give possible collectors a chance to see this. Mike and Gabe permitted this. I am not involved with the seller.

Item-# is 150439628686
It's 280€ now and reserve price has not been met yet. It ends on sunday 1800 local time.

I can't afford it anyways right now :)

The seller states some mistakes in the (german) text. He says it's an automatic, and first he says it's stainless steel, then he says it's titianium. I assume he doesn't have too much info on the watch.

Sellers picture:

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Sorry I reply so late, but I'm on the road right now. He first claimed it was new, but then wrote it is not. Obviously there are no papers with it.
Yes, I just saw it. This may be a nice watch, but 700€ is way too much money, considering it's used and seems to come without box, papers and unserviced/pressure tested. Citizen most likely will denie servicing/pt'ing it because it's discontiued for a long time and they don't have the spare parts any more. And the buyer will have a problem to find a watchmaker who pressure tests it to 1300m...
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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