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I went through my Aqualands to see if they all are working good.
And they all working just fine.
Got a few out, more to check on later. This is the first bunch.
Got this bunch out Cleaned, Dusted off and later the others.
Just a small bunch of them to do today.
I have some that are the same models also.
Later I'll put the Straps back on them.
( Two need new Stems and crowns,
Four (4)- I am doing the Movement Service )

( It took a while but now I am beginning to find out what troubles
them finally so now it is a lot easier. )

Aloha LongBike


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That is a LOT of Aqualands :)
If this is just a few how many more do you have ??

Thank You for sharing

Kind Regards

Aloha Sir, Well Sir
those Two pictures are not the same watchs, they are two separate stacks.
Graham altogether these C230, etc..
Well I have ..... (46) right now, another (12) of this type in some pieces.
The other ones I have (32 ) the ones with the bracelet type. I got most of them in good deals mostly
of Ebay.
People told me they are fed up trying to get them fixed, .... so I say ...... ( How Much For It ).
I like these but had a hard time fixing them until I got some information I found on them. These Aqualands
were made to ( Buy and send In to be worked on). That is why there is no Data on them.

( The Neilo1 ) has more, and good ones too. I want to fix them because other people like them and can't find anything
about them.
So thats a defeat but if some one knows about them then all can be helped to fix and collect them. I had to try to get them going.
I look for the broken ones because I need the parts and cases to do them, plus collect them.
This is why I ask for empty or broken cases and watchs. Found out they are very easy but the Circuit Boards are hard to find.
Plus I don't know how and don't have testing equipment yet.
It is a small but growing collection I have now.
Aloha Sir
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