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Very much to watch for


First when you opened the back case cover did you check if you dropped the little spring that goes into the little hole right above the word ............... " Jewel " ? If it is there than its alright.
When placing the ( RED ) Plastic flat ( if none no problem ).
That spring will protrude through that plastic if its there.
NOTE: The battery has a locking plate that has to be slid over to un-lock it.
Later repeat the process for the re-installing of the lock's.
( Don't Drop It out) , It can be removed by just lifting it out.
( Place everything into a container as not to loose them )
1 - That spring runs your Alarm , if lost it wont work.
( It suppose to be ... ( straight up ), not bent at all.
Also if it is not fully straight it wont make contact and the watch
wont sound the alarm.
Depth Sensor :
A little trick here : If the depth sensor springs come out (Do This).
( Take a straight sewing pin.)
( Now place the springs on it with the little Tang facing down.)

( Very lightly place the Pin w/ the spring into the hole, hold it,
take a Tweezer, lightly compress the spring leg down till it slips
into the hole . Then push the spring a little more down
into the hole with the Tweezers, but don't let the Pin go down so as not to damage the
sensor inside there. Now it should be locked on place.
The Pin is for them not to .... ( Rick-a-Sha ), ( Blast OFF ), and get lost.
( Repeat for all for if needed. )
2 - The next thing is to watch for not to loose the other Three for the ......... " Depth Sensor ". They will stay in, but if you take them out ( But Don't ), they have little bent leg ( Thangs) all Four (to hold them).
4 - You have to clean the battery contacts real good as to rid any dirt dust and the main thing is
......... " Battery leakage Acid ".
If the battery did not leak, then clean the with " Isophyl Alcohol " with a Q-Tip.
( Change the Q-Tip every time you clean any of those areas.)
That little Alarm spring if lost....... Take a real fine spring out of a ( Spring bar)
not the thick one, but the real fine type one. cut to the size of one of the remaining one that you Have.
(Also take the cut tips and bend them down to be flatter and not (stick up)
then you can be repaired in the area................ ( All of equal sizes )
( Battery .............. Renata 371 they are good ).
Double, Triple..... check to see if the Alarm and Sensor springs are still in.
( all straight up ....... OK , Now Close Up .)
Make sure when done to Sealer the ......" case gasket, sit it in the groove, the slowly place the cover back on.
Tighten in a .............. " Cris-Cross action as to equal the cover to sit
and make sure the gasket is in the groove and not pinching.
NOTE: I tighten them in Four Corners first slowly , and the all others equally as you do the first ones.
That completes the .... Battery changes.
Now : Pull the Crown all the way out, this is to clear the Memory.
Take three fingers and PRESS all three BUTTON"S at the same time,
HOLD FOR >>>> 10-15-20 seconds to be sure, then Push the crown back in, then screw down the Crown.
That should be it and if it don't work then check the
( Batteries for any weakness of any of them. ) If any are weak, it will not work good.

Make sure you seal the case back with good sealer and don't let it into the movement area.
If any problem ....... PM me and I try to help you further or I'll check back.
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