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Authored by bluedevils
This is a mini review of the white multi-eyes and the big black "hogrider" mako on a NATO stap. This is not a review about features or movements, but about my honest impressions of these watches. I'm new (april, 2009) to watch collecting.

For a sub $100 watch, the CET05001W is an outstanding value. The dial is a very nicely detailed texture. The hands look black most of the time but glimmer with a fiery blue/purple shine. I love the domed crystal and the bezel is decently thin. The lumes look cool, but they don't seem to last long.

The watch wears small. Specs say 41mm ( I assume with crown), but it looks much smaller compared to my other watches. This is my biggest disappointment with the watch. The watch thickness is medium. It is not thin, but not tall. If it was thinner, the diameter of the case would not bother me as much. The watch has a good weight for such a small case. I was surprised by it.

The bracelet is fine for this price range. It only has a double button clasp and no foldover clasp, but it feels secure.

This is probably my first 21600bph (my other two are 28800bph) watch and it is a noticeably rougher sweep second hand. I wasn't sure my eyes would be able to discern the difference in beat resolution, but it did. I have not timed the accuracy of the watch, but I may do it later. It's accurate enough for my needs.

I realize dressier watches tend to be small, but if this watch felt like a 40mm (w/o crown) diameter, the multi-eye watch would be worth more to me than the retail price. As it is now, it is a good buy at sub $100 and I'm happy with what I have.

The CEM75001B is a big shiny watch. For me to wear such a big shiny watch, I would have to remove the bracelet. I think on bigger wrists, the bracelet would work. I quickly gave it a black nato strap instead. The nato strap tones down the bling and I find comfortable. My wife thinks it looks cheap with the strap, but to me it makes it more utilitarian.

I like the flat black of the dial. The bezel looks sharp and it is harder to turn than my citizen promaster, but feels solid. Fit and finish seems good. The day push button is a non-issue to me as I have not accidentally pressed it.

The lumes are pretty bad compared to my non-orient watches and I wish the bezel had a lume pip.

I like this watch a lot. It feels like a tank (that's a good thing).

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