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Authored by Larry

Casio WVQ500DCA-1AV Atomic Tough Solar Analog Chrono Review

Look what followed me home:

(pic courtesy of Casio)

It's pretty cool and looks like a regular watch instead of the space age dial variety.


I've been wearing my new watch since Saturday and have a few observations

First off, even though it's "atomic" and sets itself, I live in an area where so far that is not possible (power lines, hill in the way, etc.)

So on Saturday I set it manually and it hasn't wavered at all since.

I like the red second hand, it is multi-purpose. In regular time mode its a regular second hand. In stopwatch mode it is the analog timer second hand. It whirls around when you change modes to let you know it's ready.

Let me describe some of the modes:

When you change to stopwatch mode, the second hand, upper and left subdials become part of the analog stopwatch. The digital display is also active. The upper subdial becomes a 1/20th of a second dial and the left (9 o'clock) dial beoomes the minutes accumulator. The stopwatch has a max of 1 hour. When you kick off the stopwatch the upper subdial spins around one revolution per second. That's action!

Time setting:
When you set the watch, you enter in the time offset of your local time from GMT. The various hands move around to match what you set. You only set this the first time.

Second time zone:
When you enter the second time zone via the digital display, you set it for the offset you want. I leave mine at GMT but it has most all timezones except one that's in the the exception in the manual for Newfoundland in Canada (-3.5 hours). If you live in Newfoundland, this isn't the watch for you.

There are five daily alarms in addition to the time signal if you need a beep on the hour.

24 hour subdial -the bottom subdial is an analog 24 hour indicator based on the local time displayed on the regular analog hands.



It looks like a diver (the photo is taken on an off brand imitation diver band) with 22mm lug width. Mine came on a metal bracelet that I just didn't want to size and I liked the look of the diver band better.

It has the traditional look of a 3 dial analog chrono with the digital display in the normal date position at the 3 o'clock slot.

It is solar powered, has a perpetual calendar, alarms and other than missing a count down timer has everything you need in a daily wear watch.

The quality of the dial is quite impressive. The main dial has a satin radial brushed finish that is hard to see unless you get the angle just right. It has a very rich look. The subdials have circular etchings that have an official name that I just can't remember. You can just see some circuit traces under the main dial that could be leads for the solar panel or maybe the antenna for the atomic time reception.


The outer chapter ring is slightly out of alignment, but pretty darn close. There are markers on the main indicators that fall on the 2.5 minute location, not real useful from a timekeeping perspective but they balance out the dial nicely.

All in all, I think Casio hit a home run with its usefullness and a traditional look! It's a keeper for me for sure.

P.S. The lume is plenty good and the dial comes with a backlight just in case you need it.
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