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Casio waveceptor question.

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On a Casio waveceptor ana-digi (module 3747), should the analog readout match the digital readout? I notice the digital readout is spot-on with my atomic desk clock, but the analog readout is always one minute behind. The instruction manual states that the digital readout is designed to be adjusted by the atomic clock signal (Ft. Collins, CO), so I suspect the analog readout is just left to "fend for itself" and provide a close, but not exact, match to the digital.
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nhoJ said:
I believe you are correct, but you should be able to adjust the analogue to match the digital.

I noticed this was also the case for the module in the Oceanus DOD you posted the other day.

I think it is only the higher end modules with the "Tough Movement" that will self calibrate the analogue hands to the time reference.
Thanks for that reply. DUH -- I should have read the manual more closely; sorry about that. :-[ According to it, the analog display is supposed to coordinate with the digital when it is adjusted by the time signal. But if it does not (reason unexplained), there is a elaborate procedure to adjust the analog display. Did this, and it's now close enough (minute hand can only be moved in 20-second intervals) to the digital.
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