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Casio Protrek PRT40

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One of my regulars dropped one of these in to me "for spares" a few days ago and, of course, the first thing to do was to see what worked and what didn't.

New batteries showed everything working except the baro / altimeter sensor. Now, having been around when these were introduced, I remembered that trying to take the module out of the case without first disconnecting the sensor would rip the ribbon cable off the back.

Sure enough....

That sensor is long obsolete so, with nothing at all to lose, out came the epoxy resin to hold the cable in place:

Followed by a soldering iron and some fine copper to bridge the missing parts of the tracks. In order to do this I used a diamond burr in my Dremel to remove just enough of the insulation from the back of the cable to "see" the copper track.

The end result was not the neatest bit of soldering ever, but sound connections ready to refit and test:

And, the end result?

A slightly battered, but fully functional, triple sensor. Temp is reading within 0.1 deg C of my home weather station and baro within 2 mBar, which is good enough for me :)

Now just need to find a suitable strap - the original rubber appears to be long discontinued but I'm sure I can come up with something in keeping ;)
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