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Authored by Leon Eckell

Casio GW-1500 atomic/Solar analog/digi G-Shock Review

Coming right after B. Anderson's great review of that GE-400, this is bound to be amaturish. But here goes

About 2 weeks ago I finally located a Casio GW-1500 atomic/Solar analog/digi G-Shock again. I had a couple of them in the summer but sold them to buy another watch
well after a few months I located another(not easy to find here) and now I give my review of it

The casio G-Shock GW1500 is a atomic/Solar Analog/Digital watch. The digital part syncs up each night and after the digital part adjusts itself the analog part will adjust its self. The waveceptor is attached to the digital part only. The analog part is attached to the digital part so if the digital part is changed the analog part will also change. The analog part can be adjusted by itself too though.

At about 53mm this is a large sized watch but being made of composite it feels light. It comes on a rubber strap attached by conventionl spring bars. the lug width is 16mm


a bigger solar cell might solve those charging problems of watches like the G5600

Atomic/Solar(really the last watch you could ever need)Sets it self

G-Shock tough and 200m

LED Illumator(Anybody that has not seen one of these in action should do so as it is bright(flashlight bright) I am really impressed.

World time


there is lume on the hands but they are less bright then the lume on a seiko 5(but there is the LED illumator so seeing the time is not a problem)
I wish the digital portion was bigger then it is as one can hardly see it
No countdown timer

All and all this watch is a great watch. It is the first atomic/solar g-shock that has no distinctive hump at the top for the radio transceiver.

I charged up the lume about 12am the other day and at 4am when i got up to get a drink of water i could still see the hands a little. the other con this watch has is that its markers are not lumed, thus kinda making time telling in the dark(unless using the LED) tough. I think Casio was putting all there cards on the fact that most people use the led instead of the lume.

However that said, the watch has a auto-led function. This means that when you turn this function on the led will activate for 1-2 seconds at a certain angle(i.e when you hold the watch up to your face the light will turn on

Hope you like the review

Stock pic of GW-1500

Lume pic of GW-1200, from Sjors)


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