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Authored by Chris Moy

Casio GW-1200 Review

I couldn't get a decent pic
Still can't but I have to show you guys anyway
I'll try to get some better shot this weekend.

I missed my digi/ani G that I traded with Adam for his Pro Trek
I needed to replace her so I bought the GW-1200
I really like the looks of this G. The dial is a nice gray blue color with four digi sub-dials. The sub-dials displays the different functions, time and date. While displaying the digi time the time is displayed at 6 o'clock and the seconds at 9. You can't swap digi and ani times when in world time function
The date can be displayed in 3 different combos. You can just display the day, 6 o'clock, and seconds at 9. Or day and date, day at 6 and date at 9. Or the month and date displayed at 6 while the seconds is at 9. The cool "G" at the 12 o'clock sub-dail displays when you have received the time signals
It won't show if you have not receive the signals. I'll have to get used to this set up since I'm used to the all digi G's.

This G has the usual function along with a count down timer!
I'm glad Casio decided to go with the timer instead of the time record. The timer's more useful, timing my steaks 4 min one the first side and 5 min on the other
The difference with this timer is that you can set it to repeat. With repeat the timer will start over again when it reaches your set time until you turn it off. Non repeat will stop at your set time. The other difference is the back light. It uses some kind of light source that shines from the 3 and 9 o'clock positions. It's much brighter than the other G's but it's hard to see the sub-dials. You can set the back light to turn on by itself and set how long you want it to light up. You can choose 1.5 or 2.5 seconds. Very cool!

The case is made of the typical resin that Casio uses with a st st, I think, cladding over the top portion of the case. It has a st st back that is held in place by 4 screws. The pushers are almost flushed with the side of the case which makes it easier to press than my G-2800 and GW-700CJ-8JF.



The bracelet is all st st with solid links!
It has a double push button clasp.
The folding portion of the clasp is very heavy!
Bracelet and clasp are very well made!

I've had no problems picking up the time signals with this G. It seems like Casio improved this portion of the watch a long with the back light and timer. I was able to get a signal in Times Square while wearing the watch!
Weird thing is at home I have to face the watch East to pick up a good signal, I'm in NYC. I'm not complaining
I don't care how or where I have to face or place the watch as long as it picks up the signals I'm happy

All in all I like this G very much. Good looks and great functions, new or old
If you're thinking of buying one of these G's I'd have to say GO FOR IT!

Thank you Katsu-san for the very fast and excellent service! Always a pleasure working with your!
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