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Casio G-Shock GW300A-1V Unveiling and a mini review

This was a recent trade with Gerry from Spokane WA. Big thanks to Gerry for a easy transaction. I sent away 2 watches for this one, a Casio G-Shock GW300A-1V, my first G Shock.

I posted about this not long after the details were all exchanged and Leon gave me the heads up on some of the features and functions. Obviously the atomic feature wont work here in Australia, but that?s hardly a huge issue, also the auto EL, something I was warned about chewing up heaps of power, so I turned that off too, nifty idea, but not necessary.

My initial thoughts:

Nice big numbers, no need for glasses here, the numbers are as clear as day, but these large numbers come at a price, the date and month are tiny, so as long as the time is all your after, this is a good watch visibility wise. Also the day is clear, but is very close to the top edge of the glass, sometimes partially hiding it at some angles. The buttons are recessed and could to be quite difficult to operate with stubby fingers, I seem to use my nails and press quite deep before the functions change. Per usual G Shocks are big, although this is smaller than I anticipated, a mere 44mm wide from button edge to button edge. But it is deep, from the case back to the top face feature nearly 20mm, but not so deep it can't fit under my business shirt sleeve. The functions are clear and easy to use, although I would have liked the stopwatch feature first and then the world time feature, but hey can't be too fussy, seeing it's now 21.42 in NYC when I write this, (I really like not having to figure out time difference, get it wrong and you are likely to piss somebody off by waking them up, or look dumb for not getting the time difference right). Overall the first 15 minutes of owning this watch have been great, nice clean and easy to read, curved strap which fits well, alarms, stopwatch that goes up to 23 hours, EL, all in all it's a helluva beater!

Hey it's here!

Nicely packaged, thats why I buy from forumers, they wrap nicely because they care.

All the bits and pieces here, even the box and box insert!

Bubble wrap galore, check out the size of those bubbles

Beauty! Nice face and I like the italic numbers

Thanks for reading!

All images © of Alex Greig/lemonD/orangeD, 2005, and cannot be used without permission.
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