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By Patrick/ultramanpat

Casio G-Shock Gulfman & Mudman mini review and pics

These 2 have been my faves for the past week.

The Gulfman wears better for me, but the strap is typical Casio. Colour is not too loud, just ok for me. Functions such as tide graph and lunar graph are good to have as well.

The Mudman strap is stiffer, material is better, though. More rounded design of the case gives a rather smooth look to it. Nothing gets in, not dust, mud, water. I really like the buttons on this one, no crevices for dirt.

I alternate between these 2, and brownie points to the Mudman for the stealthy look. My son says the design elements slightly resemble Master Chief from the Halo game series.

Case sizes are approx 43-44mm, nice and chunky and extremely light. they do not cost a lot to own. I bought mine from an online retailer, good price, good service too. I'm beginning to want to start collecting those G's that I like. The Gulfman has a 7yr battery life span!

Thanks for reading and looking!

On with the pics >>>>>

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