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- Casio (G-Shock)
- AWGM100F-1C
- This watch is a G-Shock. So it goes without saying that it's very durable and dependable. That being said, this watch is the best sport watch I own (meaning I've actually never needed to own a different one because this one has held up and exceeded all my expectations. Here's the story- I originally bought the G-Shock AWGM100B-1A, and was not very happy with it, for one reason. This was the three digital screens on the watch. Both watches (Casio AWGM100B-1A and the one I'm reviewing today, AWGM100F-1C) are analog and digital, each having an hour and minute hand. With that in mind, the three digital screens on the first one were VERY hard to read. It was all black, and the screens were black with gray writing, so it was hard to see the information unless my wrist was tilted at just the right angle. I wanted to be able to see all the information the watch had to offer at a simple glance, so I found this newer version (the AWGM100F-1C). The one I have now has green accents and green digital screens with black writing, making it very easy to read. In conclusion, the older one I had worked fine except for the ease of reading the screens, and I'm overjoyed with the newer model (though it doesn't have the same blacked-out look the old one did)

- This G-Shock has a Japanese Quartz movement, which wouldn't be the most accurate, except... This watch features atomic time-keeping. With the atomic timekeeping this watch has, it's never been off in the time I've owned it. Every morning, when I go to decide what watch I want to wear, I look at the right screen to see the letters "RCVD" above the day. This means that the watch has received an atomic signal and that the time, day and date are exact. Very rarely does the watch not receive a signal (I put it on my windowsill), and if it doesn't it usually does the next day.

- The case of this watch is resin, making it strong and durable. It gets sweat on the underside fairly easily, but it can also wash off very easily.

- The crystal on this watch is mineral, which isn't the greatest (around 5 on the Mohs scale, or between 350 and 650 Vickers)- that being said, it is really hard to scratch the crystal on a G-Shock because of the design of the bezel.
- Bracelet, strap and clasp on this G-Shock are all acceptable. Well-made and comfortable. Nothing special, however.
- The bezel on this G-Shock does a great job of protecting the crystal.
- This G-Shock has so many features it will be hard to make sure I mention them all! I'll start off by listing them.
Atomic timekeeping (US, UK, Germany, Japan, China)
Auto-receive function (up to 6x per day)
Manual receive function
Solar power
200m water resistance
Auto LED light
Neo-brite hands and hour markers
World time (31 time zones)
Daylight savings time adjustment on/off
5 daily alarms
Hourly chime (on/off)
1/100 second stopwatch (elapsed time and split time)
Full-auto calendar
12/24 hour time formats
+/- 15 seconds per month with no signal reception
Battery power indicator
Power save mode
6 month battery life with zero exposure to light

Now to review these features
The atomic timekeeping of the watch is stellar. Very rarely does it not receive a signal.
Solar power on the watch always keeps it charged up and ready to go (from natural AND artificial light).
The alarms are fairly loud and go off reliably.
Not mentioned above- you can hold a button for a few seconds and the hands move out of the way so all the dials can be read. They also move out of the way when you put the watch in certain modes, so all the dials can be read.
The stopwatch and timer work very well, also.
The watch is very light, too.

- This G-Shock is low maintenance and high performance. I highly recommend it over other models. Mine was purchased for under $100, by the way.
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