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Casio EF-503D-1AVDF Chronograph Mini-Review

My latest aquisition is a Casio EF-503D-1AVDF Chronograph. My wife bought it for my birthday a few weeks back from I think this model has been out for a few months, but have only seen passing references to it on this forum. So, I thought I'd post a picture and a mini review.

This watch appears to be heavily influenced by the Omega Speedmaster, which I see as a good thing. The Speedmaster is the archetypal chronograph, IMO. There are enough difference, however, to make this watch stand on it's own. Diameter is 42mm w/o crown, and bracelet is 20mm. The red seconds hands and additional dial markings are classy additions to the Speedmaster design. The stainless steel case is very Speedmaster-ish, with neat releiving on the lugs that reminds me of the Omega case. The case back is screwed on. The bracelet is heavy solid stainless steel, with a push-button clasp. Very, very nice for a watch at this price point. The pushers and non-screwdown crown have a nice feel. The bottom register is the normal seconds function. The center seconds hand is for the chronograph, and moves in one-second increments. The hand to marker alignment is good, but not perfect. The upper register records minutes and the left hand register records up to 12 hours. There is a date window at 3:00 with a nice metal framed border. I've had this watch for about a month now, and it has lost one second in that time. Not bad! In all, this is an amazing watch for the price. I just looked at and I don't see this watch, but he still has a blue-dial version. I've seen this watch on ebay too. The going price is around $80. I can't recommend this watch highly enough. Now, here's the pic:

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