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After finding a used and banged-up DW5600c case, I desided to restore it to it's former glory
Now for the restoration:

This is the "find": Banged case, no caseback, scratched crystal, full of dirt. But it's a 5600c!

First, every pusher is taken out, gaskets (two each) cleand and siliconized,
pusher's rod polished in order to have better contact with the gasket.
Some of the pushers were crocked so I had to set them straight

Found a caseback. Only for now, later I'll put a better one. and a new caseback gasket of course.

Now for some crystal and case polishing. It's a tough job. I'll do it partially, I don't have the patience to do it now all the way. 901 module in, and...

Not bad...

The poor 5600c is naked and it's cold outside

At last, late at night, a wrist shot! I've waited loooong time for that one. A lot of hair has grown on my wrist

With some old friends, another 5600c and a 5200

Thanks for looking, and good night.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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