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Authored by anzac1957

I used a Cape Cod Polishing cloth on this watch. The back was barely readable before and I thought it had been worn away. This is what it looks like now.


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Authored by Isthmus

It is worth mentioning for those who don't know: Cape Code Polishing Cloths are disposable cloths that come soaked in a very mildly abrasive solution. They are designed to allow you to rub (by hand) metal and stone surfaces and remove mild scratches and restore a polished finish. They are not designed to restore any other type of finish though. For anything other than mild scratches, you should restore the finish with ever decreasing grits of sand paper or similar, until you get to a point where the cape cod cloth can be used. The process takes time so don't expect immediate results.

Another clever use for cape cod cloths is to polish small surfaces such as small intermediate bracelet links.

They can be found in most hardware stores, though I don't know whether large big box hardware stores like Lowes or Home Depot carry them. Here is a picture of what a bag of them looks like:


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Just a heads up on the use of these. DO NOT use a Cape Cod on gold or silver plate. They will remove it very short order indeed.

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