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Cannot use my new strap

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I got a new strap from Japan and thought it was a standard boring new Z22

but now I cannot use it because I do not want to open the package.

/ martin
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Serious question:what's the oh, so great difference between the legendary GL831 and the straight vent Z-22? Aside from pliability, in my eyes they are exactly the same, shape wise. Cannot understand why the gl831 is so much sought after, really....if nothing else, it's an old rubber strap that can fall appart at any given moment, due to its age. I would not have the guts to trust it to mount on a diver....which makes it only worth for collecting purposes and not practical daily use. Is that what all the fuss is all about? Collecting purposes, only?

Would like to hear the answers from the gl831 fans...
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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