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Cannot use my new strap

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I got a new strap from Japan and thought it was a standard boring new Z22

but now I cannot use it because I do not want to open the package.

/ martin
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Actually, not just the pliability was different; both the shape and length of the original GL 831s are different than the current flat vent Z-22s. The older GL 831s taper from 22mm at the spring bars to about 19mm at the ends, and each half looks to be about 5-7mm shorter in length, both of which made them more comfortable to wear IMHO. Although, as you said, I wouldn't trust one on my wrist due to age.

There are later GL 831s floating around which came on the 7002 and possibly some other watches. These came in packages marked ZLM29. I have several, and both the dimensions and material are more like the Z-22s.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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