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can anyone read japanese fluently? for a seiko 6139 7010

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ok so... i found this little piece after looking for some time and relied on google translation before i won the auction. not exactly cheap in my opinion but i'm ok with it. not the best method but i've been looking for this specific piece for some time..

Google translation states that the page contains the word "junk" and it may not be fully function.. i was just curious about 2 things.

1. can someone who can read/interpret japenese fluently confirm if this indeed is junk?

2. can someone please recommend a vintage seiko restorer? i understand that many parts aren't readily available and may require transplant. i was considering actually thinking about making this my "project" watch if it indeed is purely.. "junk" but just wanted to hear some thoughts.

oh here's the link to the site~
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