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Ray, my gut feeling is that our legs are being well and truly pulled! However I'm sure we'll all go with the flow... ;)
Well... and this is a true story, I had a friend with a Phd in Finance and he had a Cartier be bought used which he kept on a watch winder for 2 years before it stopped one day. He took it to a watchmaker and the watchmaker informed my friend that the watch needed a new battery. I am not making this up.

This guy kind of considered himself kind of a WIS, but more in the status and fashion camp like he proudly owned a Ulysse Nardin too and he thought all of my Seikos were pretty darn loser.

Undergrad Penn, MBA Stanford, Phd GW. For real!

Status schools, status watches, but not much common sense.

Regardless, its ok to ask a question if you don't know!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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