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To all tuna experts out there, and you know who you are. hehe. ;)

I finally took the plunge and got an incoming, 7549-7010.
I've read some of your posts on the battery/movement swap outs. Was wondering about a 7c43-6010 movement drop in. I think I read somewhere its possible, but I've read most are referring to the 7c46 as in the 007 tuna.
I'm just paranoid, and have a seller who states this movement is same in 007 tuna and will work. If so, will the dial still fit onto this 7c43 and I'll need new hands, such as the skx or something fitting a 6309 movement.
I'm just trying to have a back up in case sometime down the line I may need to overhaul my engine sort of speak.
What do you think, I'm too paranoid, and will this movement work?
Also, will a 6306 or any other kanji day wheel be swappable onto the 7549 movement? The present one is english/farci day wheel, but would love to change it to kanji day wheel if possible.

All info is appreciated.
Thanks. Dave.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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