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Dear reader,

I already published a review of this watch at TZ. Nevertheless I'd like to redo this for the following reasons:

  • I missed a review section at the old SCWF N54 forum. I highly appreciate the new forum here. This is my tribute to it.
    It's good to increase the reputation for Noah Fuller ( who modded this watch.
    Here in northern europe spring begins now and this beauty gets a lot of wrist time 8) :

This review is about a Seiko diver mod by 10watches. The next picture shows the original package. Noah, the shopkeeper, sells replacementparts for Seiko divers fitting for the elder 6309 and the current 7s26Seiko movements. He also sells modified Seiko watches to yourspecifications.

There are other providers for watch modifications as well. Everyone of themcan be recommended! This mod is an "10Watches-only-mod". I love Seiko modding. Its a cheap way to wear an exclusive watch and I always enjoy to see if things "work" together as expected.
I wanted a sporty but vintage look. So I decided for theblue "Soxa" dial and a silver chapter ring. "Soxa" combines "Seiko" and"Doxa". Doxa is a swiss manufacturer, which came out with the firstorange dial in the sixties. Noahs "Soxa"-dial proportions are similarto the old Doxa one. The dial covers the display of the dayinformation.
The bezel insert has an inner silver line. That makes the dial look bigger and gives a decent vintage look. A bulky lume spot is provided at the triangle marker. It will fall off as you can see in the last fotos of this review. This didn't harm me, because a) lume falls of at other bezels as well and b) the appearing hole "performs" as well and can easily be refilled.
The hands are Noahs Doxa-style hands. Their sizefits very harmonically to the dials block indexes. Original Doxa hands have a smaller("dwarf") hour hand.
To me the hands don't refer much to the original Doxa design. It's a classic block hand design more like the 6105 hands. Harold (Yobokies) sells Doxa hand replicas.
BecauseI love red minute hands, I chose an orange one. That definitly reducesreadablity in twilight situations. But it makes the watch more exciting. Noah sent me photos with hand/dial combinations and helped me deciding.

Of importance is the sapphire glass. It is more transparent than the mineral one, which usually comes with Seiko divers. This emphasizes the vividness of dial and hands. This diver hasa flat sapphire to accentuate the modern, sporty aspect. A doomed glass combined with a Soxa dial looks very good as well, if you focus avintage orientated layout. Also the flat version makes the dial look bigger.
The lume ist quite weak and this is a minor good point. Seiko lume isfamous. More military-style parts in my other Seiko mods compete withSeiko lume. This watch can hardly be seen in the night.
The rest is Seiko 200m SKX-Diver standard. The uni directional bezel has 120 clicks and runs very smoothly. The case, 42mm diameter, is perfect for me. Not to big, not to small. The screw down crown isbig and easy to use. The weight is 140gr including the president styleSeiko bracelet.
The watch was sent with a jubilee bracelet.That fits very well with the block indexes as can be seen in the picture above. Meanwhile I used several combinations.
This is my first:

I love to wear the Seiko president bracelet. Then I had to check Harolds anvil bracelet:

Now it is on WJeans Super Oyster:

I think, all combinations work... The super oyster emphasis the classical design and I appreciate it very much for the moment.
Lets come tothe movement. The 7s26 is a very simple mechanical movement, mounted byrobots. It doesn't hack and can't be handwound and is bigger than the Swiss 2824 by Eta. Regulating the 2824 is quite easyand can savely be done with a watchmakers screwdriver. Regulating an7s26 is much more time consuming, stressy and needs much patience. I did it with a toothpickand prayed, not to contact the balance wheel. For the last seconds youmust move the regulator in not noticable steps. When you notice the regulator move, it was too much!
Meanwhile I use another technic. I puta small watchmaker screwdriver in the gap at position (b) in the fotobelow and then turn the screwdriver slightly anti-clockwise to make themovement run slower.

Once regulated, the 7s26 runs perfect. I like the movement because it is simple. All tool watches like the omega speedmaster moon watch, the vintage Doxas, the Submariners, the military chronos with the Lemania 5100 movement etc. are simple.

At last let me say Noah informed me about every step of "production".The transport lasted 7 days from Hongkong to Hamburg, Germany. I enjoy wearing this personal watch very much. It's worth every buck of it`svery reasonable price.

In Summertime it`s my first choice combined with blue jeans.

Thx for reading so far and kind regards from Hamburg in Germany!

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This is most excellent! I have never been particularly attracted to the "Soxa" mods - until now! The blue dial / orange and white hand combo is a stunner!
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