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Black Monster (MADE IN JAPAN)

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Hi, I got this watch two months ago from ebay, the dial was printed (MADE IN JAPAN) & the case back also engrave (MADE IN JAPAN).
Anyone know are this mean the watch assemble from japan?

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NelsonE said:
It's exactly what it says. It was probably made for the domestic market in japan so it originated there.
Thanks Nelson! ;)
pseikofan said:
What's the secondary language on the day wheel, Arabic? It's been theorized that the Seikos with MIJ on the dial and caseback are not actually made in Japan but are produced for global markets that require the country of origin due to importation reasons. The actual watch probably came off the same assembly line as all the other non-MIJ monsters.
Yes, the secondary language on the day wheel is Arabic.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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