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Bezel insert fitment has issues

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First time I've ever come across this issue when fitting a bezel insert ( yobokies )

Basically the tolerance is not fine enough and the bezel insert freely spins inside the rotating bezel
Not that it spins like a roulette wheel, but you can move it when it's in place

I figured fitting one of those bezel insert stickers, but my logic tells me that it only will secure it to the thin metal shim below the insert which isent securely fixed in place

Do I need to apply a small amount of adhesive to the outside edge of the new bezel insert ?
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Out of interest Rob have you tried the insert in another bezel ?
I should try that but I sent all the spares back to you :(
I have used double back tape or super glue to hold the inserts down.
I have used a dab of clear silicone. A little less permanent.

glue it is then ! :)
rob, Ive had a few like that, if you stand the insert on it's edge and gently tap the edge with a plastic hammer to knock it slightly out of true it should snap in and grip,
Use a UV glue which dried clear under the bezel insert.
That should solve it.
I Araldite them - actually whether they snap in well or not. Just to be sure:)
I wouldn't trust Superglue for the longterm and don't deform the edge of the bezel.
I'll see which method works best. I knew I had to glue it but was unsure what was the best glue to use. Tempted to alter the shape a touch - I like that idea.
Usually with the H558's they are such a tight fit that I've found filing the outside bottom edge to round it off helps with seating the bezel equally as it has a tendency to sink down 1 side heavy . this ends up with the insert twisting and splitting the paint
well I gave it a little tap with the hammer to distort the shape which helped it sit more securely , but before all that I gently smoothered the needed areas with a touch of super glue
lined her up and it's a perfect job. Sad to report though that I'm getting fed up with yobokies low grade parts and lack of attention when sending me parts
after all my work the damn crap paint has started to come off the insert
dagaz from now on for me
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Do you mean all those speckles down the right of the insert Rob ?
if that's the paint rubbing off I'd complain, that's awful quality. Seiko bezel inserts from 50 years ago often look better than that.
He is not answering me at present
If they're too big or small, I just center punch them in - followed by TIG welding , no worries about them moving about then.
just got the same one in from dagaz. perfect paint and had a little snap fit too
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