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The watch in question is the 4006-7010

I removed the movement out of the case to get to the crystal. The stem came out with no issue but the alarm button was a tougher to get out. I had to remove the sounding spring to get to the unlock bar and after I did so, I was able to remove the alarm button and then the entire movement.

The problem - When I put the alarm button back in, it doesn’t click into anything – it just moves freely in and out. The alarm button and stem goes as deep as it can go into the movement, so it's not even changing the time. The minute/hour stem goes in as it should, but when it is all the way in, it will not wind the alarm when turned. Did something get loose/break?

I tested the watch briefly before I opened it up and removing the internals and everything worked.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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