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Hi Bellmamiacs,

does someone know with how many different kinds of hands the 4006-700x models were equipped?

I found the mostly having Dauphine hands for the non lumed versions (this example shows the hands on a 4006-702x of course):

Then on lumed dials, I know the simple straight hands...:

..and the "sophisticated" ones, with that beautiful black line:

Have all versions been available simultaneously?
Or were some earlier than others or for different markets?

Anyone any idea?



P.S. I also saw different variants, but most of them had imho replacement hands from other models. If someone disagrees, please let me know!

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As a starter, here are the part numbers for hands for the Bellmatic 7xxx models as per the SEIKO Casing Parts book, 1974 - just need pics to go with them now!:

7000, 7001, 7002 10B28M S/G
11B20C S/G
11B50B K/J
12B64B K

7004 10B28MG

7006 11B50BJ

7010, 7011, 7012 11B14LS
11B20C, S/G

7019 11B14LS

7020, 7021,7022,
7025, 7028, 7029 11B14L S/G

All use same second hand in silver or gold: 13SB11N


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In general, I believe that most 27J -700x Bell-matics came with the dauphin-style hands, with one exception I have seen several times (and also currently own). ...
The 17J models came with the squared hands.

It also seems apparent that various models appeared at various times, with some (like the -701x style 27J) produced for almost the entire run of production (late 1966 to 1978). I also think the -603x style "cushion case" models had a long production run. The -600x "UFO's" and the -602x "mega-cushions" seem to have been offered only for the first 5-6 years.

The angular case styles (-604x, -605x, and -608x) were, imho, definitely a mid-1970's addition to the Bell-matic line, offering plenty of flash...

Also in the mid 1970's there were the teardrop like -606x's and the rounded lugs -607x's....

If others have opinions, different or otherwise, I, too, would like to hear them. ;)
JohnN 8)
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