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Bell-Matic 7029 and some questions.

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Wanted a Bell-Matic for a while had an opportunity to pick one up at a flea market today for a reasonable price. The case is marked 4006-7029 but the face is marked 17J, thought all of the 7029 were 21J. I have not had the back off to check the movement yet. Case and band appear to be together for a long time judging from the wear and the amount of grime caked on. thoughts on of this was a movement change, case back change or dial change or did they make a 17 version of the 7029?

Any thoughts?

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Here are some photos. Appears that the dial has been replaced at some point and the movement is a 17J. Watch works great and keeps good time.

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Nice watch!

While I cannot confirm or deny the dial was replaced I think the -7029 was made in a 21 jewel movement for only a very limited time period. The 17j -7029 seems appropriate. I did a search on eBay and came up with a sale in August of 2014 of a -7029 that was a 17j movement.

Still a very nice watch - keep looking, the hunt is the biggest thrill!

Nice one, I don't know what you paid but I bet the beads of rice alone was worth the money. Good score man, you don't see this kind of stuff in the wild often. :)
Thank you. Did not pay much. The bracelet is extremely comfortable unfortunately it is a little small for the watch, 18mm instead of 19mm. It is marked Seiko 5, thinking about putting it on my about putting it on 1967 5.
Glad to hear it, I just bought some random watch for $30.00 shipped only because I could just barely see the BOR it had on it. And it was well worth it :) You got yourself an awesome watch AND bracelet! Fine work sir.
I am minded it has had a dial and movement swap, the dial should have an applied minute track
I agree. It has minute markers that are applied at 5,10, 15...etc and printed minute marks between. What keyed me that it was most likely a replacement is that there are nor dial numbers printed at the bottom of the dial.

I wouldn't mind finding an original dial to put on it.

Hi there,

and thanks for sharing that watch!

The -7029 model was manufactured in two batches, the first in spring 68, and the second one in spring 69.

68 was 21J, 69 was 17J. The obvious difference on the caseback apart from the serial number is the water resistance designation: 68 has "PROOF", 69 has "RESIST".

That said - would it be possible for you at any rate to post another caseback picture with the serial number fully ledgible? The caseback would be a valuable addition to my caseback archive.

Thank you for the information, glad to know it may be original. Here is a photo:

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Excellent, thank you!

Your picture is a valueable contribution to the archive.
According to my data, 6/69 was the last month the 7029 was manufactured, a few months later the 7028 arrived.

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