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Thanks again to Florida Sam for the donor movement he gave to me - when I put that together with the great "Buy It Now" 6139 I found last week, I was able to get the missing day wheel for my 6139 that's in the shop, as well as some valuable education. I cannot tell you all how gratifying and humbling it is to see what great guys there are in this community, and what they do for brother WIS. I'll do my best to keep it going around to other WIS'ers in need! But most importantly, with all of these parts and bits, I was able to craft a hybrid and totally functional NEW watch!

But without further ado, my creation:


I chose the black face that came with Sam's movement because I already have a gold-faced Chrono - I'll clean and re-lume it, but I actually like the worn look of it, and the nice tomato red of the chrono hands. It seems to match the worn case nicely. Date wheel came from the case movement as did the stem. Weight and weight bearing came from donor watch, not Sam's watch. Internal bezel ring is the unbelievably faded original - underneath it's black, believe it or not. No gear on the stem, so it doesn't turn, but I'll source one. So far the hybrid movement is going well. Chrono functions operate, and it's keeping time well. Back is totally sterile - you can see a few hints of the original early markings, but nothing that can be read.

The black-faced 6009 movement as it arrived from Sam (thanks again!)

The eBay "Buy It Now" 6002, which was totally DOA when it arrived, complete with a spare parts bag. The previous owner pulled the magic lever assembly. Despite looking clean, the movement was non-functional.


FrankenChrono lounging on a nice fossil of a ray or skate from the 100 MYO sandstone formations near Grand Junction, CO

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