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Seiko did a Laurel line in the mid 90s with a whole range of watches, both kinetic, quartz and mechanical. The mechanicals, with the 4S24 and the 4S15 calibers have probably the most common watches on the market in the last few years and have managed to keep their value pretty well.

This is my 4S24 Laurel.

Full Laurel catalogue is here.

The quartz watches however are more seldom seen and can be a real bargain. They have the rather pedestrian 7N quartz movement but the fit and finish is really very good and the same as the mechanical watches. I had not noticed them before but this one caught my attention in the Japanese auctions. When new, these watches sold for JPY 55,000 (as compared to the 4S15 in the same series at JPY 50,000). Now this one cost just JPY 5,000.


/ martin
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