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I have a Sportura SNA 137P from around 2005. It was the first present my wife gave me.

The band came apart mid way (on both sides) a few years ago and the central section is now lost - probably moving house. Although the remainder of the band is attached to the watch on both sides, I assume this means I need a whole new band.

It's a unique band to the watch and the male part is on the watch itself, not on the band, making it virtually impossible to bodge something.

I feel quite indignant (outraged) that they would even make a watch that would be useless a few years after they stopped making the strap.

Other numbers that may be relevant are strap 32F8-GI, and on the back, 7T62-0KB0 and 312212

Any idea where I might be able to get a strap? Thanks.
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