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Back in the fold

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After selling about half my watch collection for one reason or another there was only one real regret.
Amongst what i sold were my Seiko divers including 2xSKX009,SKX007 SKX781,SKX779,SRP453,SRP455 and last of all my Spork srp043.
After two weeks i got withdrawal symptoms for only one.The 007.
Oh well alls well that ends well and now content.

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The quality of that second picture is very impressive terry !!
Thanks John.Photography is not one of my strong points but i do try.
Cool watch Terry :clap:

I stupidly sold mine last year and I knew even as I was wrapping it to send to it's new home that I was making a mistake :banghead:
In that case Jimmy you know how i felt.
Just need a Super oyster now to finish it off.
I also keep one of 007J..congratz


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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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