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Hello- I have been a 'soft' collector mostly omega and rolex over the last 30 years, and was thinking of getting a vintage Submariner 2 liner..... however, the Rolex market really is still bloated, and the truth is none of my Rolexes ever kept as good time as my Omegas... So I was surfing ebay a weeks ago, and found the Willard, and Turtle Seikos, amongst others.. I really knew nothing about them..But most importantly, I found that the Seiko community was really really strong and by just sheer luck, I came across a 6309 that looked a little rough, but pictures always make things look worse than they appear in real life… I made an offer, they accepted, and it was delivered 2 d ago… I am so happy… It keeps perfect time, everything works, and it looks far better on person than it did in the pictures. I told my wife that I saved $9000… Lol by not buying the Rolex, and for me the truth is I have far more satisfaction with this watch. It's also still waterproof !
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PS- looking forward to some other Seiko finds!
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