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I'm with you 100% on this too. When a watch comes up on eBay that has obvious damage to parts that are hard to source like a dial or hands my focus quickly turn on well what parts are good and what is their value? Then finally I rummage through my large bin of watches patiently waiting their turn on the bench and see what the potential is that I could need spares of this caliber when one of these does hit the bench. I would estimate about 25% of all of the Seiko's I buy on eBay I buy with the only intention of breaking it down into components then putting the good parts in the small plastic bags and marking them then what ever else is rusted broken gets swept right of the bench into the can. It does eat up a lot of my time to break them down and inventory them but being a retired type person I have the time and I almost never have to purchase parts. Just to give you an idea here is a bin of just the Seiko crystals I keep on hand for personal consumption.

I believe anyone who does not by that beat down Seiko for 10 quid is making a mistake that will only be more costly as the years go by.

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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