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Article published...6159 Tuna

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Hi all,

Just as an FYI, I wrote a piece for Fratello Watches that published today.

Be kind...hopefully my details are reasonably correct. :)

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I enjoyed that Mike and very well written imo :clap::clap:
Great article Mike. Thanks, I enjoyed reading that and lovely pics too af an iconic piece.
Great article Mike. Thanks for sharing :sigh: :clap:
Looking for one now, great write up..
Mike the scuffs on the ceramic shroud will come off quite easily if you want to get rid of them.
Great write up Mike. I've a 7549 7010 Tuna incoming. I hope I can pull it off :)
Very nice!! Makes me want to go strap mine on :)
Great article, the side-by-side shots are excellent- thank you.
Thanks was fun to write but gave me a real appreciation to how time-consuming it must be to run a watch site...

I don't consider myself to be an ace photographer, but a decent camera (more importantly, the macro lens) and a tent make all the difference. Of course, like with people, having decent subject matter to shoot helps! ;)
Great write up, Mike! Thanks for sharing with us.
I just got one of these wonderful watches gifted to me. I have to locate a bezel for it.

Its a cool watch and I am very fortunate to have a nice working example:)

Great review.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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