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ALAS! the stem was broken in 2 places...once on the threads and once on on the narrow part. How on earth do I get this piece out without tearing my hair out? Or disassembling to get at the keyless works?
Yes, I'd say the 7D48 isn't where you want to start things out. But if you must, a few things I'd offer:

I wouldn't go through the dial side, not only is it a tangled web in more ways than one, I don't think it will as easily expose the stem as the bridge side will.

Before you dismantle anything, maybe try one or two more methods for coaxing the stem fragment out. My mind goes to a very small vacuum nozzle, or a magnetized needle, as two methods of attraction that may not require dismantling.

I won't preach anymore on why dismantling is a bad idea, but I'll let the first photo speak for itself (which is actually after a third of the dial side parts have already been removed). The second and third photos show the bridge side, where the setting parts are actually located, contrary to traditional design.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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