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Google has a page which tracks statistics for different search terms.

The Seiko statistics ( shows a few interesting things.

- Searches for Seiko has fallen by 50 % since 2004 and the fall is constant year over year (presumably this is percentage of searches rather than absolute numbers)
- Most searches for Seiko come from Singapore and Hong Kong. Greece is the best Europeans but is just beating Cuba.
- Searches for Seiko is much higher in December.
- Searches for "Seiko saat" is rising quickly, but it turns out that this means "Seiko watch" in Turkish.

There is probably a lot more to find.

/ martin

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Seiko Spring drive has increased.
Seiko kinetic has decreased but not as fast.

for search term 'seiko kinetic' it looks like the Europeans are doing well.
1. Greece
2. Singapore
3. Netherlands
4. Denmark
5. United Kingdom
6. Indonesia
7. Malaysia
8. Spain
9. Norway
10. Hong Kong

for 'seiko watches'

1. Singapore
2. Malaysia
3. Greece
4. Australia
5. South Africa
6. United States
7. United Kingdom
8. United Arab Emirates
9. Hong Kong
10. New Zealand

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Interesting that Citizen watch has had a similar decline, yet citizen eco drive has doubled in the same time period.

Also interesting is the spike in interest late in the year with seiko and the 2 other searches I described. I guess that is the christmas shoppers.

Casio watch is flat yet G Shock has tripled since 2009 alone.

Trends come and go. Most of the time I don't use "seiko" when performing a search, just the model number/nickname. But I guess we're in the minority.

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Then by all rights these should be getting LESS expensive, not more, right? I'll give $100 for your mint 6105-8000 proof/proof, since prices should be dropping.
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