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aqualands past and present united finally ;)

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Hey there, glad to report my aqualands unite. ^-^
Since getting my Aqualand 20th anniversary contemporary model, I so lusted after the vintage aqualand CO23.
Well, the time has come, and they met. Reunion like father and son, fish to water, and terminator from the past to meet present day terminator. LOL.
I absolutely love it. Comfy, and cool. Its not mint, but its got character. ;)
After a wis meet, and trying one on for the first time, it sealed the deal for me to have one. I totally get Neilo's love for the aqualands. :)

I'd love to see it in dive mode, just to see if actually works.
The aftermarket rubber wasn't comfy at all. Hated it. So its on a 22mm zulu for now, until I get a proper 24mm. But I like the look of the zulu right now, even though its not snug at the lugs. Maybe this needs a thick leather strap? hmmm.

Cheers, Dave. ;)

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I am glad you find one Dave!
Looks nice on that Zulu.
And you are right, this watch has character.
Jean-Pierre said:
I am glad you find one Dave!
Looks nice on that Zulu.
And you are right, this watch has character.
Merci JP, I really loved yours, so nice and excellent condition.
We can compare notes next time we meet. ;)

Bonne soiree.
Those Aqualands certainly have character.

The current model duplex ana-dig always catches my eye when I see it in the display case. I know it has more functions than I will ever use, but appearance wise, it looks the business.
Dave, congratulations my friend! I knew you soooooo wanted this watch! 8)

Now you better take care.....the CO22, 23 and 29 are an addicting plague! They catch you fast and grow on you just like the 6309s and tunas. Like Perry Farrel use to sing in that Jane's Addiction song "Just Because" : "If I were yooooouuuuu.....I better watch out!".....LOL!

Congratulations, man!
Cherish this piece and wear it in good health!
Kind regards,
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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