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Please give your vote for the picture you like best:

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First of all a big Thanks! to all who send their entry.
This is your contest!

So please have a look on the great pictures below and give your vote by using the poll option!.You may leave a comment by a normal answer.

The theme of this contest was "Animals" .
Please vote the picture, where you like most the idea or the photographic talents shown.

Don't just vote the watch you prefer!

I will not be able to check, if somebody votes again in a different forum, but I would ask you kindly to limit your votes to one across the fora.
I will give you two days, from now on to vote.

Enough words, here we go:

1) Guardian of Time:

2) Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…:

3) Promaster Pup:


5) What't the time?:

6) Mickey'n'Seiko:

7) Scary Monster (and super creep):

8) Solar lemmings:

9) DON'T go!!!:

10) Watch Dog:

11) Playing with Roosa the cat:

12) Turtle back:

13) Keeper of the box:

I deeply hope I did not miss an entry.
If I did, I apologize, but I will probably have no time to make any correction.



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great job you have done Axel. I like the new voting system,dont see any issues at all. Its quick and easy and I would
imagine easy for you to collect the data.
By the way ,this months photos were absolutely on the money,some great shots there.......................bill
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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