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Anyone heard of Speedmasters?

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Swiss watches as a whole would cover a lot in one thread so lets have a look at your Speedmasters.

1968 'transitional' cal 861

Wrist shot on it's original 1039 bracelet

With older sister cal 321 105-012-65 and a couple of other bracelet options; 1171 (undated) and No. 12 (?) (unmarked)

Whatchyagot? :D
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I do like a nice speedy but they are a bit more money than I want to give for one :(
Lovely lume shot there Dave 8)
Though I'm fully aware of their history and heritage, that's a watch that never appealed to me.
Sold (Melbourne Olympics, Broad Arrow)

Sold (Speedmaster Pro, Moonwatch)

Sold (Speedmaster Day/Date)

Only the Speedmaster MKIII remaining
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3513.30 from 2006 ...didn't bond with it as much as I'd previously expected, and since sold.

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hmmm...speedmasters? never heard of them ;D

my mark II

my tv dial

my automatic

wind up with orig 1039 band

my titanium seamaster (not speedmaster but close enuf :) )

guess i like omega chronos ;D

janice :-*
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VERY nice Janice but i particularly like the "TV" dialled one, not that is a beauty.
Mine from last year :mad: I am however, looking into a panda Speedy this year 8)

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