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Anybody bought job lot off Ramon

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Hi guys I just pulled the trigger on a batch of 13 movements for spares off Ramon on the bay, I'm not expecting fully working movements and looking at the pictures they aren't pristine, so if anyone has bought before what can I expect? I know a picture says a thousand words and I studied it hard and I know what I saw, but hey I like to ask others that have had previous experience.
Oh and I also bought a trio of 6309 divers at the same time to work on, now feeling reasonably smug with my self.
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They're good for parts. I bought a dozen 6309's from Ramon and got pretty much what I expected, but the balance staffs are generally roached along with the hairsprings, I think I had one good balance out of 12! Well not so much good as usable. :)
Cheers cannop, as with everyone I think it's the balances that are in high demand, although snapped pivots on wheels have been quite common recently, so a nice supply of parts won't go to waste, again they're good to practice on so it's not wasted money. Now I just have to be patient and wait for items to arrive.
I have had the same experience as Duncan, I bought 6619's, 7625's, and a few other of that vintage. Shot balance assemblies but otherwise some useful parts.
I did get a Lot of Ramon once and it had .......( 9 movements. )
Everyone had good parts except .......... ( 4 Balance Wheels had
broken Hair Springs.)
And also some rusted screws. Besides all that they were very good
to have.
I played around and got some Hair Springs done good so I used them.
Ramon stated all the details to them so he was alright to deal with.
I say , you can always trust Ramon.
Yeah im happy to trust Ramon ive dealt with him before, I had to toss up between buying the 13 movements complete, or buy a pile of bits and bobs for the same price, I chose the movements as I reckon it will be easier for me to source bits for future projects, later I might take a gamble and go for a pile of bits and see what I get.
Ramón's a good seller. He's considered outstanding because he trade from Philippines. You'll get just what you see in the picture (no surprises), and he answers to emails with questions.

This post is written in perfectly good spanglish
Had some great bits off him, got a lot of movements coming my way to play with. I've had two watches stated as 'non runners' actually run, not perfectly, but run all the same. His descriptions are always understated in my opinion, keeps the over zealous buyer at bay (my opinion).
Regards, David
He always errs on the side of calling a watch non-running, rather than mislead folks. I've had good dealings with Ramon and a few he's sold me have been the basis for restoration projects. Those are harder to find, but they do come up now and then!
Cheers guys I have trusted ramon and like you say always answers questions fast and postage costs are reasonable aswell which is a bonus, also as you say his descriptions are good, well the wait begins now, all items marked as dispatched.
one more question, how come the phillipines seem to have the worlds allocation of old and broke seikos?
I love getting stuff from him because you know what your getting and can bag some awesome stuff.
I've got a hyper Aqualand working exactly as described and couldn't believe how great it was. His selection is huge.
My question is what are his parts Eco drives like. He has a few and wondering if their seized or just need new capacators which are a bit trickier than just batteries.
Never had an eco drive so couldnt tell you mate im afraid, but for the price grab couple and take a chance you cant really go wrong can you
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