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Was looking at the militarytime site and gotta say some of the homages look sweet... so if you have one please let me know if they are worth spending a little $ as i need something for a gift in a few months for my brother ;)

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I have one Marina Militare, but I really didn't like it in it's original form so I trned it into something more to my liking. Here is a post on it from the reviews section:

Isthmus said:
Several months ago I happened to mention to Samanator that I was interested in getting my hands on a Destro style Marina Militare. for those who don't know Destro is Italian for left handed, which in this case means a watch with the crown at 9. Anyhoot he remembered and one day he sent me a link to a sale on the forum for this watch:

The watch was a Marina Militare with a chinese made Unitas 6497 clone, with the second hand complication removed. It wasn't quite what I had in mind (the carbon style dial and the blingy finish were acquired tastes), but the price was really cheap, so I went ahead and bought it. Of course the price reflected the piece and not all was well with it. After examining the watch, Lew brown found out that the movement had issues (it was loosing about 1:30 per day). He was able to fix it for me, but not before also finding that the dial had been clipped and glued on to the movement to create the destro look.

No harm no foul. I wanted to mod that watch anyway so I sourced a sterile sandwich dial from a seller in hong kong. and Lew adapted it to the case. Here is a picture of the watch after Lew got the new dial in:

I then asked Mike Martin (Samanator) to take a stab at the case. I had an idea of what I wanted to do and started talking to mike about what could or could not be done. A while back I had seen this picture of stallone wearing an all black Panerai on his latest Rambo movie.

I liked to color mix and sought to do something similar, but Destro style, sterile and without any second hand. Mike blasted the case and coated it in a beautiful flat charcoal grey ceramic.

A thick leather strap from that matched the watch was added and mike replace the screw-bars to make the strap fit better. One last trip to Lew for some last bit of adjustment and here is what 5 months of work produced, a sterile charcoal cased destro pam homage:

Anyhoot, I realize this isn't the standard fare here, but Thanks for letting me show you the latest project. Once again thanks to all the guys who've helped with it. You were awesome.

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