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I am looking for ideas for this which is rapidly becoming a favourite of mine, i have now wore it 24/7 since i reclaimed it (Harry is a little miffed i think but i will be treating him to a new set of hands including a NOS second hand from Pete in OZ soon).

For some reason this one has worked out very well (lucky ?) as the accuracy is better than any auto i own and it has now gained 4 seconds in the last 5 days and the lume (again lucky ?) is superb.

So impressed am i with this i have changed the original bezel that came with it and fitted a NOS OEM one, thanks Rob !!

I have it on a Oyster with a set of modified end pieces that came from a replica Rolly sub at the moment but now that it has become a regular wearer i would like something better, no rubber or nylon, i am thinking a 22mm thick mesh as i like a wide bracelet and just mod the ends.

Any pictures appreciated.

ps: Always liked the "casual" pics with the jeans so i got my wife to take this one (eyes rolling but she did it LoL) but the effort of holding my stomach in why she messed with the camera just about killed me !! :)


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Here's a few I've done for one of my very best customers...

Jubilee style...

Oyster style...

My Seiko Z002S repro on a similar case...

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