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Another "spares/repair" win!

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I took a £30 gamble last weekend on a spares/repair auction for this Eco drive perpetual calendar diver (200m rated it says)

Seller said it had been working fine but then had stopped and the crown wasn't moving the hands.

Well... it's a fairly well known fact that eco drives do like a bit of sun now and again and as i have another watch with the same movement in i also know that the crown doesn't move the hands in the same way as a normal watch. These things are full of electronic horological trickery and the crown is basically a switch that operates a stepper motor that moves the hands. No power = no hand movement.

It landed very quickly and it was dead as a doornail so i left it to sunbathe on a south facing windowsill for a couple of days. 2 days and a full reset later and.....ta daaaaa........a fully functional watch!!! :yahoo:

The only curve ball it threw at me was that the crown was loose on the stem but that was quickly fixed too.

Damn i love ebay sometimes....

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Sweet Grab ...Knowledge is Power :)
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