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Another Reborn Diver

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I recently picked up a couple of parts 6309 divers in pretty average condition from the bay, this was the pick of the pair...

This 6309-7290 was in pretty awful condition. An original dial (maybe)with terrible water damage. It's missing hands, the bezel insert isextremely faded, the crown is missing, the crystal retaining ringcracked and the movement is shot!

To begin with I stripped the watch down to it's main parts:

The movement and dial were in great condition:

The movement went in the parts bin and I sanded the dial back to the brass before repainting it and adding new indices:

Once these were aligned properly and lumed, the new watch began to take shape:

I also lumed the hour marks on a replacement chapter ring and putthe watch back together with a new bezel insert and some plongeur handsfrom Yobokies. For the time being I poppped it on a Seiko Oyster from aSKX031 project watch, but I'm considering my bracelet options (andmaybe a domed crystal?). The finished watch:

finally a lume shot:


2018 Edit: photobucket ate the old photos, I’ll see if I can dig them up the meantime here is the finished mod...
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