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This is Absolutely the Best example OF WABI SABI I have ever seen. Rather then Chips missing or deep scratches all be that Fine and also nice in some cases,

to each his own, but seeing this, and some of the Definitions I have read here over the years OF Wabi "This beauty of Aging The Perfection of imperfection it,s Character

just the Story of it's life, very Special and I agree, this looks better then the most Minty Dial, and I do Like Minty dials and most watches in all conditions

I think you get my point it is Beautiful I am sure Pete loved working on this Beauty. As I write I am wearing 7123-8200 Silverwave Z

That I just got back from Pete , he Rebuilt her Movement , and first time since I bought her, she is Ticking away. The artist of "Time" drew a masterpiece on your Dial

The Vintage Silverwaves are Special, but so far none IMHO, more Beautiful then Yours

Wear her in good health A treat to see Thanks
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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