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I was trying to get a red LCD mod HERE but there were some problems regarding readability,
because the red film was above the LCD panel,
making the digits reddish and hard to see over the red background.

My conclusion was to get this red film (or gel) sit under the LCD panel,
and by that leaving the digits black and contrast high.

This is the 6900 module, the 1288, out of it's case.
You can see one of the LCD panel holder is already out

When both holders are gone, you can lift the panel out.
the black "thing" there is one of the contacts of the panel, so keep it :)

Here is the red film which I've bought at an art supply store

LCD panel is out (top right) and the red film is cut to the exact shape of the panel (top left)

Here comes the ugly part: there is a mirror glued to the underside of the panel
and first I thought that it can stay there.
But when I located the red film under it, it was invisible.
Well, let's get rid of it I said and peeled it off with no intention to keep it.
When I located the red film now, with no mirror, I could see the red film
BUT the digits were "transparent", like when there is no polarizer...

The mirror is the bent film on the right (I've managed to get it ironed later)

I had to use Acetone (nail polish remover) to get rid of glue that was left on
the underside of the LCD panel. Be careful not to damage the 3-eye graphics.

So the right order should be (from top to bottom):

LCD (with polarizer on it's upper side)
Color film (Red in that case)

Here it is, partially assembled, no LCD panel holders yet.
One thing: I had to take out a small clear transparent film
out, the one that sits on the EL, because of the red film's thickness.
Otherwise, there is a chance of bad contact with the LCD panel.

Tears in my eyes, its working!!! :)) (my Nikon's autofocus had some hard time working with this RED)

Into the case

Onto the wrist

That's it, easy isn't it :))
Seriously, it's easier when you have a spare module like I had,
but this module is build very nice and pretty tough so if you have
the skill & will, go for it.

Thank you for looking

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nhoJ said:
Nice work Galpo! Looks great.

So is this the way that folks put their own pictures that light up with the backlight?

You mentioned you had to remove a transparent film from the EL panel to make up the thickness from the red film. Is the EL part of the larger module or part of the LDC display?
The EL mod (when you put your own picture) is a little easier because you don't have to remove the mirror.
The EL is a part of the module, it is not attached to the LCD.
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