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My internet gave me some problems and lost couple emails from
the Forum. So this is another Aqualand for me.
'' Thank you Russ, for this one ".
From a fellow Forumer, and it looks great, good condition
and working fine. I think reading ....... " Neilo's " postings
and information, I think I got his ......... " Bug ".
But they all look great to me. Hahahaha

They go dead, but I am getting some going again. Fixed (2) so far
and doing (2) more now.
Need couple more circuit boards for some spares, hard to find them.
Once I get them wired, then I can help others do it too, no problem there.
So they all go into the box.
And I had to get another temporary box for now, no room again.


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This one Aqualand

Thank you but ..........

I just got it from one of our partner's on here ( Thanks Russ ),
and it is a good looker too. This previous owner has kept it very well
and it looks a Hundred times better than the pictures of it.
It will be added to yet another drawer I made for the chest.
I was very surprized to see how nice it looks when I unwrapped it.
Thanks again .........( Russ, it's great. ) :72:
I still say reading ..... " Neilo's ", information I got his Bug now.:97:

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Good stuff. Looks like Canada Post's Twin-Otter made it after all. Wear it good health Louis!
Thanks again Sir, great watch. I like it alot and it looks great and
it wear just fine too. I used it this afternoon and got a few stares
and one guy told me thats a choice one I use to have one but
I was stupid and sold it. He says ......... " It for sale ", I said not
at all, its a keeper.

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You have to get a ...

Hey, yes thats good to know.
Maybe you have to get a Hula Girl in it to shake it up. Hahaha

Briang ................. ,
Note :
Make sure when you open up the case that you hld it face down as to not loose any springs in the watch.
There are ( Four springs ) for the Depth Sensor and one for the Alarm. The Depth Sensor one if you dont
need to remove those spring ..........( Dont ).
If one comes loose , look at it and you will see that it has a little ( Tang ) on it that goes into the plastic plate
(Tang down.)
If it comes out do this : Get a sewing needle that fits the ( Spring ), slip it on the needle then place it into the hole.
Now have to be careful it does not fly in to orbit, so do this.
Take the needle and the spring on it, place into the hole, ( HOLD )
it there then take a ( Twizzer ) , then gently press it down into the hole.
Be careful not to go to far down and dammage the Sensor in side with the needle.
If at all and still not working it could be the Circuit Board is not any good.
These I still have to source to get these fixed. Its been easy to do, but the parts has to be
found to have them to repair the watchs.
I need some one that can get the parts then it be very easy for me to fix them, I found they are so easy to do.
Keep in touch as you go, and maybe I can help you also.
Just PM me and let me know ........... " Whats going on ".
I have quite a few now and going to get all them going soon.
But need some parts watchs to do things for them, and these are getting costly to get too.
Briang NOTE :
I have been told that the Gear assembly has to be serviced a bit maybe.The gearing section may have old
dried grease and it could be holding things from moving. It may need stripping it down and reservice.
Dont loose the (Gear) under the Cover plate on the (Pinion Gear Shaft) for the Hands.
Also make sure it is real clean in the case and the circuit board areas.
You have to clean all the individual contacts for the Batteries also.
Old battery acid is a mess and it goes into the watch. I think once it leaks on to the circuit board is shorts it out.
You might use Isophyl ( Alochol ) with Q-tips to clean everything, then dis-card as you clean using new Q-tips always.
(( Becareful because those gears are Plastic and Metal too. ))
Make sure that the Red plastic has the spring in there also above the
( word -Jewel ). ( Make sure its straight up, Not Bent . ),
( Thats your Alarm contact spring.)
Reassembly is easy but hold the watch body, carefully set the Case Back on ad make sure the )ring gasket is not pinching.
Then set the Screws in the at a criss-cross (X ), action tight the Screws down. ( To be equally set tight )
those screws are very soft and can break too. I had to remove a lot of them with my rig up here. But I have a ( Thread Tap ) for it.
These are a few I have now in one draw in the chest. I have more in the in another draw.
Some of them I have more the one of the same watch and they have the same Straps and
Bracelets till I find the Original if possible.
Well I like them a lot.


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I found out they are easy...

When I got my first one and it was just a parts one I said I can do it.
I am a Challenger in a lot of areas. So why not watchs also ?
When I took the first C230 apart I said is that all that is to them ?
So till now its been easy to strip and assemble.
The problem is where to get the parts, beside buying one running.
That's why I keep looking for a Vendor of some of these parts.
I found one in Germany but they only sell to dealers, and on top of
all that the computer deleted the address and website the other day
so I have to find it all over again.
If anyone knows where to look can you please let me know about it.

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The TST ........

Well John its still kept in the container I had. I am still wondering just what Dial I am going to use. I want something unusual , yet good looking for the case. I thought of the MM Dials, but everyone has them, and the 6309 Dials also used extensively. I am still looking around for something unusual.
I like those dials that........... Nitrox has and if they are available those be fine to get. Also have been thinking on continuing to make my own dials like I was thinking off doing earlier. Don't care for common ones they are to plentiful.
I have been looking for the ......" UDT " , type or something close to those.
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