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I bought one at the Birmingham watch fair for lunch money just to see what you get.
Its a 7019 and must be a JDM model because it says "Japan made" on the bottom of the dial:grin:.
Usual drill, click on the pics to enlarge

Gave it a good shake and it started beating away.
After wearing it all afternoon i put it on the timegrapher.
Not looking very promising.
I wore it for a further 2 days, it was loosing approximately 60 sec's a day, after 2 days it stopped, never to go again.
Time to look inside.
Gasket face for the case back is nicely pitted, and the movement holding ring is broken. The train bridge is corroded on its outer edges.
The movement has lots of scratches on the train and pallet bridges, i suspect these are from screwdriver slippage.

It looks to be a genuine Seiko movement and i also suspect its built from parts. The lack of cap jewels on the 3rd and escape wheels tell me this is a 7009, and the letters SIN stamped by the balance wheel, tell me its a Singapore built 7009, and not a 7019 as the case back and signed rotor would have me believe
Cause of the movement to stop was a broken pinion on the first reduction gear, causing the gear to wobble about, and not operate the lever pawls correctly, so the movement simply ran down because the auto wind wasnt working properly.

The dial has a recess on the underside like that found in the 6 series Suwa movements. I might try and deconstruct the dial and update later.
20200123_202509.jpg 20200123_202441.jpg

Lastly is the bracelet, which looks to be genuine Seiko, and fits my 7 3/4 wrist but unfortunately one link by the clasp is damaged and has been made to fit the clasp

So was i robbed? Yes and no. Ive cleaned the balance and seviced the Diashock, its now beating away in a 7002 that i had balance problems with. I have a bracelet/endlinks that i can use with a bit of repairing, plus a few other movement parts, but ive been robbed of 2 jewels.

these are a great source of spares, but they might not have the spare part you require, in this case if i was looking for a 7019 escape wheel i would have been dissappointed, If your buying it to wear, forget it

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I bought a couple for under $20 for parts, hodge podged together from whatever they could find, same scratched up and corrosion here and there. One was a 7009 in a 7019 case so I don't even look at them anymore.

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A while back I got a watch with a "Seiko Japan" bracelet, and asked around the forums about it. The word was that it's aftermarket, contemporary to the time.
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