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After modding my Seiko, naturally the next stage was to add a new strap. Bored of the metal jubilee I have, I wanted something with a bit more character. I bought a cheap fake leather strap, what a waste of money. It was really unmailable, rubbed by skin and generally did not look that good. So I Decided to go on the hunt for a company which produce quality and stumbled on this Gem - ‘FinWatchStraps – Handmade In Finland’

What impressed me:

  • What first stood out was that these straps are handmade which added to the uniqness of my modded watch/ any watch accessorys in general.

  • I was blown away with the really cool ranges of materials available for crafting into straps. (Alligator, shark, Stingray, Ostrich, Python and many more!). I will defenatly be trying a more exotic leather next.

  • The customisation available on each strap (Width, Length, Clasp, Buckle, Spring bars (easy release!), Linings, Edge processing, stitching colour). With so many different customisation options you really can make these straps your own, matching to your style and/or watch.

I wanted a nice vintage looking strap and ‘FinWatchStraps – Handmade In Finland’ did not disappoint, Obviously they had the strap for me! I got a Crazy Cow (UK leather), Brown distressed strap. What I love about the strap, after a month or so wear:

  • The Look: of all the watched you see day to day none come close to having such a strap that has such personality ! I love the destressed look and each time I wear, I naturally add to the distressed look making it look even better then when it is brand new.

  • The Feel: like I said before I bought a cheap fake leather for £10 and it was horrendously unconfutable. This strap is just a delight to wear, the leather is beautifully soft and commutable.

  • The Quality: I am one of them people who are a stickler for details. The quality of this strap is excellent! Also I need to give a shout out to the easy release spring bars, they are amazing!

Next time I am going to go a bit more adventurous with the leather and stich colour. ‘FinWatchStraps – Handmade In Finland’ also have really lovely looking watch rolls, Also I am defiantly going to be buying one of there Belts for work, If there straps are anything to go buy the Belts must also be amazing.

For the price point you really will not get anything better.





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nice post and nice looking watch. Majority of my watches have bracelets and I do enjoy / prefer them - for me they are a natural fit. But there are times I like a good leather strap or rubber dive strap. Choices are good and my moods swing. Welcome to the forums!
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