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Vintage Doxa Subs came with BOR bracelets when sold new, but over time, they've become both fragile, rare, & expensive. While I purchased a mesh bracelet for my Doxa Sub, I still felt like it wasn't an adequate substitute for a true BOR bracelet. Unable to justify forking out the ridiculous amount of money for either a vintage BOR or Doxa's own BOR, I was ecstatic to discover Harold's BORs: while they may have been originally meant for Seikos, I decided to get one for my Doxa.

I ordered the 22mm BOR with endlinks meant for a Seiko 6309 so as to attempt capturing the bracelet taper as the original BOR's had. Needless to say, grinding was needed both to adjust for endlink width & depth, along with some plier-twisting to line up the holes.

I don't work well with my hands, so it took me about 2 hours of grinding (probably not the best job given what's been posted before). As a result, my Synchron-era Doxa Sub now has a proper BOR bracelet.

My quick & dirty shots reveal that I either cut too much from the endlinks to be properly flush to the case -- I might order new endlinks if totally unhappy w/the results -- and I'm using regular-sized springbars w/shoulders instead of shoulderless fat bars, hence the extra gap between the endlinks & the rest of the bracelet. Fortunately, there's no rattle anywhere at all (except from the clasp; that's to be expected).

Still, with an $8 Dremel knock-off, some spare time in the morning, and a little too much enthusiasm, I can now wear my Doxa on a proper bracelet.

Harold: even though you might have intended for the bracelet for the Seiko-modding crowd, I thank you as one who bridges both Seiko & Doxa worlds!

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Looks like a pretty good job to me !.

My only attempt at modding endlinks resulted in bleeding fingers and two mangled endlinks going in the trash.

I'm loving the Doxa too.

Maybe Harold should get Doxa endlinks made. Could be a whole new market for him.
I certainly think his BOR doesn't look out of it's depth on a watch at that price point.

Thanks for sharing

Kind regards

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